Monday, February 14, 2011

Wife is Becoming More Aggressive

I haven't posted since August, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been going on. I have been working, at least in my own head to get my wife to lock my cock up in a CB6000s. It took me some time to assure myself that the "s" was the right size and, given how tiny my lieelt dickie is, 1 1/2 inches soft, I believe that that is the correct choice, at least in a CB series plastic product.

She has really gotten aggressive and I love it. Neither of us are taking the plunge to say, Yes, I want you to REALLY cuck me, but every time we make love, and that is once a week, we role play another man with us. last week she had this fantasy man be very aggressive with both of us, fucking her pussy, her mouth, MY mouth and MY ass and then I licked up "his cum" from her pussy (no, mine wasn't even in it, but oh well, some habits die hard).

Now she has taken to humping my ass with her pussy. I think she wants to really fuck me (God I hope so) but I think that she is just a little too shy about it. She had been doing it for a few minutes and I asked her to stick her finger in my ass, she just said "no". Rats.

Oh well, We are getting there. I do eat my own creampies now and then and she does seem to like that still.

Wish me luck.