Friday, September 7, 2012

How Disappointing-Wife Says No Right at the End ANY SUGGESTOINS?

OK, so most guys know that they will do just about anything sexually, right up until they cum. I'm no different. I ALWAYS want to eat my creampies, until my orgasm begins and the desire is gone. I REALLY have to push myself to go down on my wife's pussy full of my cum. Twice, in our whole marriage did she ever tell me to eat. When she does that, it's easy for me. Last night, she wanted to fuck. Kind of odd for a Thursday night, she is more a once a weeker, and always on the weekends. So I thought, that she might be game for more. She was. She started playing with me, teasing, then started to suck my cock. Every time she would come up for air, it would be something else she would say, all along the lines of, OMG, you cock tastes so good, I really love to suck you while I have this big cock fucking my pussy (well, THAT's a clue, if she is REALLY hot, she always says "cunt"). So, anyway, he (her fantasy guy) cums in her (fantasy remember) and she stops sucking me and rolls over on her back. I slide my cock in between her pussy lips (she loves that more than fucking, OK, it IS better than fucking as my little dick is only 4 1/4" so it works OK in her pussy, but really well between her pussy lips. After several strokes I stop and slide down so I am where I belong with my mouth sucking her pussy. She says, "Oh Yes, taste his cum, lick me clean." Oh MY God, I am going to get a cream pie, GREAT. After a few minutes of that and 3 orgasms on her part I slide back up and work my cock between her pussy lips again. She really likes the feeling, especially when I shoot my cum on her clit. I tell her that I am getting ready, almost there, gonna cum on her clit. She is boiling, right with me, I shoot a HUGE load on her, rest for just a moment. I find that if I wait a few seconds after I cum and before thinking about eating a creampie, I am ready for it again (Try it, it works. For me 30 to 45 seconds and I am ready to eat). She says, "get me a Kleenex please." I don't say a word, but start to slide down again. She has a hand on each side of her pussy, pulling it up and apart, really ready for me, and holding the cum so it doesn't run down on to the bed. I get me face there, and inhale. The smell of my cum and her pussy is overwhelming. Then it happens,she says, "No, just get a Kleenex." I ignore her and stick my tongue in the puddle of cum, again, she says, "NO, just get a Kleenex, don't do that." Danm, so close, in mind and body, yet so far away. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mmmmmmm, creampie today

My wife was really horny today. We make love usually once a week and today, she was ready. Me, I'm always ready. I usually shoot a really big load as I stroke, well edge a lot, but seldom cum from jacking off. Today was no different.

I had decided that I wanted to eat my creampie and I know that if I make her cum too much prior to the time I cum on/in her, she is too sensitive for me to lick, so today I brought her to the edge then started to stroke her pussy with my cock. She frequently likes me to wear a condom if we are in a hurry, saves the cleanup. She asked me to get one today and I knew if I did, no creampie. So I told her that I would and rolled over her s if to go get one, but then stopped between her legs and stroked my cock head in her slit. That ALWAYS gets her hooked, and she was, she just told me to fuck her. I asked her if she wanted me to stop to get the rubber or just lick her clean. She just moaned and wrapped her legs around me.

We fucked for a few more minutes and I knew that I was ready to eat a pie, so I pulled out of her and shot my load on her pussy lips and clit. Next, I pulled her nipple. That never fails to make her clit throb and this time was no different. She shuddered and said that makes me so hot I want a line of men to lick my cum from her. That was my cue. I slid down face to face with her cum covered pussy, one huge glob on the right side, so I started there. I licked that cum and settled in for the cum all over her clit. She came immediately, absolutely exploding in orgasm. Then she started to get into it, telling me how great it felt and asking me how I liked my cum.

Oh my God, it finally happened, I had licked her a little after i came in her before, she exploded then too, but never went that wild. She was cleavage liked it and wanted more. I have finally have the green light I have hoped for for the last 15 years. In the beginning, I tried, guys, you know how hard it is to try after you cum, but she always resisted in the first few years. Finally, I found that she was looser on vacation. During vacation sex, she wouldn't resist, but she wouldn't help. In fact, she would usually hop out of bed and run to the bathroom to cleanup. Now, I feel confident that her/my creampie is available for me to eat, I just have to do it. Wish me luck, maybe light a candle that I CAN lick her clean. I'd hate to let a perfectly good creampie go to waste because I chickened out.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sore Throat and Aching Balls

So I went back to my friends today, WOW, what a work out. The first 5 mintues what him smacking and squeezing my balls. Just me bending over, hands on his bed, balls swinging and him abusing them from behind. Then I got down to work on him. I knelt between his legs and sucked him for a few minutes until he told me to lay next to him, in a semi-69, just me to the side so he could get to my balls while I was blowing him. I deepthroated him for almost 30 mintues straight, not I can barely talk, lol.

For those of you who have never sucked a cock, OMG, it is suck a fabulous feeling. I think that women look down on gay men because they want some stigma attached to a guy sucking we don't all just do each other all of the time.

Women...don't be afraid of abusing your man's balls. They really can take a lot, particularly a lot of squeezing and twisting. Smacking hurts a LOT more, but just tell him so get through it, you will make it worth his while. Soon, he will like the pain. Experiment, though. Since you have never had balls to smack, it DOES hurt, so be gentle on the smacking until you see how much he can take and his tolerance and desire will increase over time. Tell him that you want to see what kind of a man he is and start by squeezing and twisting. I find that VERY pleasurable. Do that to me and I will beg for more. Then go to smacking, really, baby taps at first. Give him a safe word and tell him if he gets all the way through he will get something special, something you wouldn't normally do, like go out to dinner without panties (my wife would NEVER). If he doesn't you zip his pants back up, no orgasm. Gauge the intensity of the strike by his reaction. If he is trying to get through it, he will wince when it hurts, but is OK, flinch and grunt or moan when it is on the edge and probably collapse if you have really gone too far. You are looking for the grunt and flinch. Keep him right there, if you think that it is getting to be too much, don't lighten up, but alternate, smacking, then pulling and twisting, then a little jacking and/or sucking. For that, you could smack mine pretty hard...Please!

Friday, July 22, 2011

OMG, I have become such a cocksucker

So, another lunch in the same week. I told him that I wanted a lot of ball work. He told me to talk my pants off when I walked into his house. I was really horny this morning, so when I dressed, I put on the pair of panties my wife wore yesterday. I really love the feel of lace on my little dickie, balls and ass. He was surprised and thrilled to see the white lace and swatted my ass and told me to suck him hard, which was a joke because he was already throbbing. I knelt in front of him and took his fat, dripping cock into my mouth for about a minute when he told me to strip the panties off.

One of the comments suggested tying my balls. Well, it was that and more. He had a web belt that he fastened tightly around my balls. WOW, what a feeling. He pulled hard on the belt and slapped my balls. Fortunately he doesn't hit really hard, but the pain is really there, exquisite, but there. Then he had me lay on my back, head off the edge if the bed so he could fuck my throat, and he did, all the while kissing my balls with a cane as he pulled then tightly. The writer wad right, it really does concentrate the force of the blow when bound balls are struck.

I sucked him and he fucked my mouth like that for about 25 minutes, all the while hitting my balks without warning. I loved it. We finished up, him laying on the bed, me leaning over him sucking him for another 30 minutes while he man handles my balls. I really love being used like that. As always, I especially love the mouthful of cum he always gives me.

Any other ideas. I love hearing them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sucking Cock...Again

OK, so one week ago today I had "lunch" at my friend's house. Today, I did the same thing, gave him a longer BJ and had him punish my balls again. He DID do it harder this time, but he really hasn't gotten the hang of it.

Anyway, my little balls hurt, my jaws hurt (I sucked his cock for 55 minutes before he came and his cock is a lot bigger than my little dicklette)and what a reward I got, a huge load of cum, muskier than he usually is. MMmmmm, VERY good. Yes, I swallowed it all, AFTER I savored it and swished it around my mouth for a while to get the full flavor. I also like to suck a cock until it is fully soft, which I did for him today.

I really need to get him to man handle my balls. Give me suggestions as to how and what he ought to do to them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sucking Cock

Yes, as you have read, I am bi and I have a friend that I meet from time to time for the sole purpose of sucking his cock. I met him at his house for "lunch" today. Generally he is very passive when I blow him, but today, I asked him to punish my balls, pulling, squeezing and smacking them. The pulling and squeezing felt good, the slapping hurt a LOT, but immediately gave me a great feeling. I was worried at the beginning as I have tried to slap my own balls and that hurts, too. But today, I just said, Do It. I sucked him for about 30 minutes while he was abusing my balls. That was about 1 1/2 hours ago, my balls STILL hurt and feel so good.

If you are a little sub like me, try it. The pain is there, but you will love it. I did.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wife is Becoming More Aggressive

I haven't posted since August, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been going on. I have been working, at least in my own head to get my wife to lock my cock up in a CB6000s. It took me some time to assure myself that the "s" was the right size and, given how tiny my lieelt dickie is, 1 1/2 inches soft, I believe that that is the correct choice, at least in a CB series plastic product.

She has really gotten aggressive and I love it. Neither of us are taking the plunge to say, Yes, I want you to REALLY cuck me, but every time we make love, and that is once a week, we role play another man with us. last week she had this fantasy man be very aggressive with both of us, fucking her pussy, her mouth, MY mouth and MY ass and then I licked up "his cum" from her pussy (no, mine wasn't even in it, but oh well, some habits die hard).

Now she has taken to humping my ass with her pussy. I think she wants to really fuck me (God I hope so) but I think that she is just a little too shy about it. She had been doing it for a few minutes and I asked her to stick her finger in my ass, she just said "no". Rats.

Oh well, We are getting there. I do eat my own creampies now and then and she does seem to like that still.

Wish me luck.