Monday, August 15, 2011

Sore Throat and Aching Balls

So I went back to my friends today, WOW, what a work out. The first 5 mintues what him smacking and squeezing my balls. Just me bending over, hands on his bed, balls swinging and him abusing them from behind. Then I got down to work on him. I knelt between his legs and sucked him for a few minutes until he told me to lay next to him, in a semi-69, just me to the side so he could get to my balls while I was blowing him. I deepthroated him for almost 30 mintues straight, not I can barely talk, lol.

For those of you who have never sucked a cock, OMG, it is suck a fabulous feeling. I think that women look down on gay men because they want some stigma attached to a guy sucking we don't all just do each other all of the time.

Women...don't be afraid of abusing your man's balls. They really can take a lot, particularly a lot of squeezing and twisting. Smacking hurts a LOT more, but just tell him so get through it, you will make it worth his while. Soon, he will like the pain. Experiment, though. Since you have never had balls to smack, it DOES hurt, so be gentle on the smacking until you see how much he can take and his tolerance and desire will increase over time. Tell him that you want to see what kind of a man he is and start by squeezing and twisting. I find that VERY pleasurable. Do that to me and I will beg for more. Then go to smacking, really, baby taps at first. Give him a safe word and tell him if he gets all the way through he will get something special, something you wouldn't normally do, like go out to dinner without panties (my wife would NEVER). If he doesn't you zip his pants back up, no orgasm. Gauge the intensity of the strike by his reaction. If he is trying to get through it, he will wince when it hurts, but is OK, flinch and grunt or moan when it is on the edge and probably collapse if you have really gone too far. You are looking for the grunt and flinch. Keep him right there, if you think that it is getting to be too much, don't lighten up, but alternate, smacking, then pulling and twisting, then a little jacking and/or sucking. For that, you could smack mine pretty hard...Please!