Friday, July 22, 2011

OMG, I have become such a cocksucker

So, another lunch in the same week. I told him that I wanted a lot of ball work. He told me to talk my pants off when I walked into his house. I was really horny this morning, so when I dressed, I put on the pair of panties my wife wore yesterday. I really love the feel of lace on my little dickie, balls and ass. He was surprised and thrilled to see the white lace and swatted my ass and told me to suck him hard, which was a joke because he was already throbbing. I knelt in front of him and took his fat, dripping cock into my mouth for about a minute when he told me to strip the panties off.

One of the comments suggested tying my balls. Well, it was that and more. He had a web belt that he fastened tightly around my balls. WOW, what a feeling. He pulled hard on the belt and slapped my balls. Fortunately he doesn't hit really hard, but the pain is really there, exquisite, but there. Then he had me lay on my back, head off the edge if the bed so he could fuck my throat, and he did, all the while kissing my balls with a cane as he pulled then tightly. The writer wad right, it really does concentrate the force of the blow when bound balls are struck.

I sucked him and he fucked my mouth like that for about 25 minutes, all the while hitting my balks without warning. I loved it. We finished up, him laying on the bed, me leaning over him sucking him for another 30 minutes while he man handles my balls. I really love being used like that. As always, I especially love the mouthful of cum he always gives me.

Any other ideas. I love hearing them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sucking Cock...Again

OK, so one week ago today I had "lunch" at my friend's house. Today, I did the same thing, gave him a longer BJ and had him punish my balls again. He DID do it harder this time, but he really hasn't gotten the hang of it.

Anyway, my little balls hurt, my jaws hurt (I sucked his cock for 55 minutes before he came and his cock is a lot bigger than my little dicklette)and what a reward I got, a huge load of cum, muskier than he usually is. MMmmmm, VERY good. Yes, I swallowed it all, AFTER I savored it and swished it around my mouth for a while to get the full flavor. I also like to suck a cock until it is fully soft, which I did for him today.

I really need to get him to man handle my balls. Give me suggestions as to how and what he ought to do to them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sucking Cock

Yes, as you have read, I am bi and I have a friend that I meet from time to time for the sole purpose of sucking his cock. I met him at his house for "lunch" today. Generally he is very passive when I blow him, but today, I asked him to punish my balls, pulling, squeezing and smacking them. The pulling and squeezing felt good, the slapping hurt a LOT, but immediately gave me a great feeling. I was worried at the beginning as I have tried to slap my own balls and that hurts, too. But today, I just said, Do It. I sucked him for about 30 minutes while he was abusing my balls. That was about 1 1/2 hours ago, my balls STILL hurt and feel so good.

If you are a little sub like me, try it. The pain is there, but you will love it. I did.