Monday, April 26, 2010

Do you Suck Cock? Do you Eat Your Own Cum?

Wife just left on a short business trip and I haven't sucked a guy in a few weeks. I generally blow only one guy anymore. He's the only one that has a place and its easy enough to work out, but damn, he's not available tonight, I ALMOST BEGGED to suck his cock. Oh well, instead I am sitting at my desk in my office, jacking off. Guess I will just have to eat my own cum.

It's not so bad, I do it about once a week. Youreally should try it. I know most of the guys here say the same thing, Yes, I agree its a hot idea, until I cum then it's over and I am not eating it. Work on it. Start by freezing some. I found that if you cum into an old 35mm film container it hides pretty easily in the freezer, that or a baggie. When you are ready to jack off, take it out and start, you will be ready to swallow your cum asap. as you get closer, put the cum, it will probably still be frozen-at least it is with me, I am ready to cum in about a minute when I know that the cum is going into my mouth. Let the cumcicle melt in your mouth as your cum, and shoot your fresh cum back into the container to refreeze. After you do this a few times, it becomes more natural. For me, it was about 3 weeks before I was ready to eat it warm, right out of the hose.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I was just really nasty to my wife, Will She Spank me?

Our granddaughter was just over. She came to do some computer work for us, well for my wife. I took the time to set up exactly what I thought she would want in a particular spread sheet. When our granddaughter arrived, and I was going through it with her, my wife was listening and said, No, we don't need that, no not like that. Well the truth is that she really hadn't thought it through and she is totally computer inept (she'll say that).

So I asked her a couple of questions and she answewred in her computer unsavvy way and I said, OK then I guess that you don't need a spread sheet at all, all you need is a list and it can be written in Word, so I deleted the SS I prepared. She was a snot, and I inturn told her that she was wrong and immediately recreated the SS and had it done the way that I wanted it and the way that she will ultimately be happy that we did it.

Later she asked me to do some work, things that I have been telling her can be done the way she wants them (she is also construction inept, she imagines and thinks that it can be done, she will then do something that will make it necessary that we do what ever she wants, even though she imagines a 2 minute job which in reality takes several hours). She said, I want you to do "this" today, a job that will require the work being done, then an entire wall be painted with paint that we don't have and will have to match. So I gave her some lip. She called me on it, telling me that I had been bad. I felt a little bad, but these things get to me, I don't mind someone being adamant about something if they have a clue or will at least listen before making an unreasonable decision, but she isn't like that.

After we had that run in, I help my granddaughter with her project and ate lunch, after I had done the majority of the first stage work that she asked me to do, just one thing that I didn't do that would require me to move a sink to hand a hook in a completely unaccessable place. She came to me and said, "Have you done anything since (our granddaughter) came over?" Well, yes, 90% of the work that she asked me to do. All the time she had been sitting doing a crossword. Again, I gave her lip, "well, a lot more than YOU have been doing."

She then had to leave to take our granddaughter home and to watch a grandson play soccer. As soon as she left I came her and started looking at spanking blogs, I need to tell her that I was out of line and needed to be punished. I know that she will never do it, not really in her. As an example, this morning we made lovel. She said we have a 1/2 hour before granddaughter came over, what do you want to do. I said, Kiss you, stroke you, lick your pussy, make you cum. She gotmad and said, I HATE that when it is one sided. God, I have a long way to go to get her to be my Mistress (probably easier to hire a professional

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Typing With One Hand

Wife just went out to see the grandchildren (she's a really young gramma). I hope that she lied to me and is out getting fucked. I would love for her to come home with a pussy full of another guy's cum, all stretched out from a REAL man's cock fucking her.

I can only dream...and jack off thinking about it.

I have been reading several other blogs recently, many of which seem to look to Around Her Finger as the Holy Grail of becoming a sub to your wife. Any opinions?

Wife Has Been on the Rampage Since Last Night...

...and I have no clue why (oops, I wrote this on Friday but didn't go back to proof it and then forgot post it). Sometimes she is just like that. Nothing I do can satisfy her. Of course being ego-centric, I always assume that it has something to do with what I have done or not done. The reality is, probably not.

Probably with her high pressure job, with our 10-year old grandson that was mauled by a Pit Bull this week (yes I am a dog lover, but come on people. These pit bulls are loving animals, so their owners say, unless and until they are not. If you have kids, and this family does, grandson was over playing at dog owners' home with their son, a school mate, in their home.

His face is ripped open and he was just readmitted to the hospital with an infected arm.

I guess I might not be COMPLETELY at fault, but I DO take the brunt on the fall out. Oh, I forgot, that's my job, if I want to be her subbie. I guess I say, if you are going to give me that shit to deal with, make it official, be my Domme and punish me, just because you want to. THAT would work for me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Do Women Just Like to Cum Fast?

I know that many guys have a hard time making their women cum. It's never been a problem for me, I guess that I am just lucky finding all the sweet spots. I think men are different. It seems to me that women have a hard time cumming, but can come more so they like to cum as fast as they can. The problem is that they then extropolate those feelings to men. Men are different (duh), men can cum very fast, but generally only once in a short period of time.

Therein lies the rub (so to speak). At least for me, the trip to the orgasm is MUCH more pleasurable than the orgasm itself, in fact you can probably say that cumming for a guy is anti-climactic (pun intended). The feeling of getting to an orgasm for a guy (OK me) is euphoric. Not only the feeling of the other person (or yourself) touching you, but the hormones that you secrete into your bloodstream really is addictive. The male orgasm, while it may be an achievement (wow, I came in her mouth or pussy, or I shot all over her face or tits--woo hoo, yes and now its over, go lick it up you dumb-fuck), what is the next thing that men want to do...GO TO SLEEP. Hmmm, nothing euphoric about that.

My point ladies, is that if you want to make your guy feel great, take your time. Edge him, bring him close then let him cool down, or just do it slow and steady. I have a lover that is just great at making me feel good, bringing me to the edge. Some times I have sex every day but don't come for a week. You guessed it, its me. I can make the hormones in my body feel much better than my wife ever has. Yes, I love her lips, breasts, pussy, feet, hands on my cock and balls, but she wants to treat me like a woman, race to the end and then, to make matters worse, OK, let's get up, there's chores to do.

Never Thought That I'd Like to Have my Balls Smacked

Every guy, from the time he was a little boy, knows what it is like to hurt your balls. You are playing a game and get kicked or you fall off your bike seat onto the bar. No matter what you know, those little balls are to be protected or you will suffer great agony and maybe even puke.

That it until you start to realize that just enough tesitcle pain is VERY erotic. Then I saw some hot vids on ball busting (OK, maybe you can take a good thing too far). I possted some under links for your review and approval.

Ladies, if you don't already, please consider being rough on your man's balls. You have to see how far he wants you to go, because there is a fine line between agony and ecstacy, expecially in the beginning, but he will thank you for it. My wife is very shy about hurting my balls. I have asked her to squeeze them, even a little tighter when she is jacking me off. She actually said NO. I have put my hand over hers when she is fondling my balls and tried to squeeze her hand tighter, but to no avail.

My recommendation is if you are jacking him off or blowing him, cup his balls and start to squeeze, just a little, then a little more. Listen for his moans, agony or ecstacy? If he likes it, keep going. If he says, "OWWW, what the fuck are you doing?" go back to sucking him and he will have forgotten the pain in under 5 seconds. If he responds well, keep pushing, well pullng and squeezing. If he will ever let you tie him up, now those little balls are fair game, go as far as it is apparent that he likes, then go a little further, remember, if you go to far, it will all be remedied with a little sucking.

I have a great female friend on line. We chat a lot, mostly sexual things, trade hot vids, etc., but now and then she will get on my case about a little domination. I have shipped my ass with a belt for her. That's pretty hard to do well around your back, but if you are creative, you learn that you can smack your ass with the belt between your legs, MMMMM. Of course now and then you are a little off wit your aim and OOWWWW, you hit your balls, but then you think, WAIT, that was really MMMMMMMM. After that I tried a wooden spoon, quickly smacking my balls. As the pain grew in my balls, so did ly little erection.

For even more fun I jacked off using hot sauce on my cock and balls. A little creativity including hot sauce and olive oil makes a GREAT jo lube, but that's a story for another post, so is jacking off using Icy Hot. That's fun, but Be Careful.

Thanks Sqweakygurl

Thank you for pointing out that the average penis IS much shorter than everyone believes (thank you Kinsey for nothing-watch the video above to see where 6" average came from). I found another Youtube vid that lends additional help

She seems to know what she is talking about (especially to us guys with little dicks). Although I do remember the first time I saw the cock of my best friend from high school. OMG, it hung down past his balls, a real porn star cock. That was the first time i felt inferior. Years later, I did have a 3-some with him and my then fiance. WAIT, shortly after that she broke off our engagement. Hmmm, I wonder if it was because she finally felt what it was like to get fucked by a REAL cock?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CB 6000...Is my Dick small enough that I should have an "s" or How do you Measure your Cock

As you see from my photo, i have a pretty little dick. Measured properly, its only 4 3/4" erect. I always thought that i was pretty normal, having a 6" cock, you know, my cock is one of those that is a grower rather than a shower, but then i started to think about it and the way i measured just didn't make sense. i was measuring from the bottom, the root of my cock (well, dickie). It started to make sense to me that you really have to measure insertable.

To figure it out, i went to the authority, YouTube.

i was horrified, 4.75 measily fucking inches. All of a sudden it feels more like a clit that a cock.

Yes, my dick is the classic "you only need a CB 6000S". i wish that my Wife would agree to locking my little dick up, at least the bulge created in my pants would like more like i really to have a real cock.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still a Wannabe

I am so confused. About my feelings, about my wife's. She runs so hot and cold. Sometimes when we make love she starts with the fantasy of a second man joining us. First watching, then undressing, then fucking her. Fucking her sometimes right through my legs as I am already on top of her, fucking her with my little boy prick.

If I ever start the fantasy or try to embellish on it, she usually gets quite and the fantasy is over. We have been married for almost 25 years. During that time I believe that she has never had sex with anyone but me. I feel sorry for her. I understand that "size doesn't matter" but that is usually said by a woman who doesn't want to hurt their little dicked man's self esteem. Yes, I am an attentive lover: my fingers, my tongue, my tenacity. I was the first person to ever bring her to a second orgasm in a
row, let alone 3, 4 or 5. He only time sh ever coma on my cock is when I am holding it in
my hand and using it to stroke her clit, then cum on it, and, if I am really motivated, back with my tongue on her cummy clit. But I believe that if you are a woman, at some point, don't you say to yourself, "hey, don't I remember that a big cock pumping my pussy feels good?"

So I went to the local adult bookstore and bought a very nice dildo. An 8" cyberskin dildo with balls. I had him at the ready every time that we made love. It took 5 weeks. She brought a fantasy man into the room, I brought my friend "Dick" out to join us. She first asked where I bought him, then said that I must be desperate. She loves to have her breasts fucked ( yes, breasts, she doesn't like the word tits, so I never use it). Well I put some KY on my wife's cleavage and dick fucked her breasts (actually I think he would say tits--he's man enough to call them tits). She went back to blowing me (another favorite passtime of hers) while Dick fucked her tits. I brought him to her hand. She started to jack him off, vigorously. Then brought him to my cock, sucking me while rubbing Dick on my cock. Ultimately, he ended up rubbing his cockhead between her pussy lips and over her clit before trying to penetrate her. It was difficult enter her, so she helped him, sliding him deeply into her, deeper than I have been. After about a minute of fucking, she said that she would rather have me fucking her. Another 15 seconds and she said, can I please have you in me instead? So Dick left and I slid my cock between her pussy lips for 1/2 a minute or so and exploded in ogasm, spraying cum everywhere. Given her "desperate" comment, even though she was laying with her legs spread, my cum covering her pussy and she was making no effort to get up
to clean up, I decided against eating her creampie. Dick went away and we haven't spoken of him since.

What is going on in her head? Should I bring Dick out for more play time? I really want to be her complete submissive cuck, kept in chastity. I am just not brave enough to take the next step with those words, "you must be desperate" still ringing in my ears.