Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wife Has Been on the Rampage Since Last Night...

...and I have no clue why (oops, I wrote this on Friday but didn't go back to proof it and then forgot post it). Sometimes she is just like that. Nothing I do can satisfy her. Of course being ego-centric, I always assume that it has something to do with what I have done or not done. The reality is, probably not.

Probably with her high pressure job, with our 10-year old grandson that was mauled by a Pit Bull this week (yes I am a dog lover, but come on people. These pit bulls are loving animals, so their owners say, unless and until they are not. If you have kids, and this family does, grandson was over playing at dog owners' home with their son, a school mate, in their home.

His face is ripped open and he was just readmitted to the hospital with an infected arm.

I guess I might not be COMPLETELY at fault, but I DO take the brunt on the fall out. Oh, I forgot, that's my job, if I want to be her subbie. I guess I say, if you are going to give me that shit to deal with, make it official, be my Domme and punish me, just because you want to. THAT would work for me.

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