Sunday, April 25, 2010

I was just really nasty to my wife, Will She Spank me?

Our granddaughter was just over. She came to do some computer work for us, well for my wife. I took the time to set up exactly what I thought she would want in a particular spread sheet. When our granddaughter arrived, and I was going through it with her, my wife was listening and said, No, we don't need that, no not like that. Well the truth is that she really hadn't thought it through and she is totally computer inept (she'll say that).

So I asked her a couple of questions and she answewred in her computer unsavvy way and I said, OK then I guess that you don't need a spread sheet at all, all you need is a list and it can be written in Word, so I deleted the SS I prepared. She was a snot, and I inturn told her that she was wrong and immediately recreated the SS and had it done the way that I wanted it and the way that she will ultimately be happy that we did it.

Later she asked me to do some work, things that I have been telling her can be done the way she wants them (she is also construction inept, she imagines and thinks that it can be done, she will then do something that will make it necessary that we do what ever she wants, even though she imagines a 2 minute job which in reality takes several hours). She said, I want you to do "this" today, a job that will require the work being done, then an entire wall be painted with paint that we don't have and will have to match. So I gave her some lip. She called me on it, telling me that I had been bad. I felt a little bad, but these things get to me, I don't mind someone being adamant about something if they have a clue or will at least listen before making an unreasonable decision, but she isn't like that.

After we had that run in, I help my granddaughter with her project and ate lunch, after I had done the majority of the first stage work that she asked me to do, just one thing that I didn't do that would require me to move a sink to hand a hook in a completely unaccessable place. She came to me and said, "Have you done anything since (our granddaughter) came over?" Well, yes, 90% of the work that she asked me to do. All the time she had been sitting doing a crossword. Again, I gave her lip, "well, a lot more than YOU have been doing."

She then had to leave to take our granddaughter home and to watch a grandson play soccer. As soon as she left I came her and started looking at spanking blogs, I need to tell her that I was out of line and needed to be punished. I know that she will never do it, not really in her. As an example, this morning we made lovel. She said we have a 1/2 hour before granddaughter came over, what do you want to do. I said, Kiss you, stroke you, lick your pussy, make you cum. She gotmad and said, I HATE that when it is one sided. God, I have a long way to go to get her to be my Mistress (probably easier to hire a professional

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