Friday, April 23, 2010

Never Thought That I'd Like to Have my Balls Smacked

Every guy, from the time he was a little boy, knows what it is like to hurt your balls. You are playing a game and get kicked or you fall off your bike seat onto the bar. No matter what you know, those little balls are to be protected or you will suffer great agony and maybe even puke.

That it until you start to realize that just enough tesitcle pain is VERY erotic. Then I saw some hot vids on ball busting (OK, maybe you can take a good thing too far). I possted some under links for your review and approval.

Ladies, if you don't already, please consider being rough on your man's balls. You have to see how far he wants you to go, because there is a fine line between agony and ecstacy, expecially in the beginning, but he will thank you for it. My wife is very shy about hurting my balls. I have asked her to squeeze them, even a little tighter when she is jacking me off. She actually said NO. I have put my hand over hers when she is fondling my balls and tried to squeeze her hand tighter, but to no avail.

My recommendation is if you are jacking him off or blowing him, cup his balls and start to squeeze, just a little, then a little more. Listen for his moans, agony or ecstacy? If he likes it, keep going. If he says, "OWWW, what the fuck are you doing?" go back to sucking him and he will have forgotten the pain in under 5 seconds. If he responds well, keep pushing, well pullng and squeezing. If he will ever let you tie him up, now those little balls are fair game, go as far as it is apparent that he likes, then go a little further, remember, if you go to far, it will all be remedied with a little sucking.

I have a great female friend on line. We chat a lot, mostly sexual things, trade hot vids, etc., but now and then she will get on my case about a little domination. I have shipped my ass with a belt for her. That's pretty hard to do well around your back, but if you are creative, you learn that you can smack your ass with the belt between your legs, MMMMM. Of course now and then you are a little off wit your aim and OOWWWW, you hit your balls, but then you think, WAIT, that was really MMMMMMMM. After that I tried a wooden spoon, quickly smacking my balls. As the pain grew in my balls, so did ly little erection.

For even more fun I jacked off using hot sauce on my cock and balls. A little creativity including hot sauce and olive oil makes a GREAT jo lube, but that's a story for another post, so is jacking off using Icy Hot. That's fun, but Be Careful.

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