Thursday, April 22, 2010

CB 6000...Is my Dick small enough that I should have an "s" or How do you Measure your Cock

As you see from my photo, i have a pretty little dick. Measured properly, its only 4 3/4" erect. I always thought that i was pretty normal, having a 6" cock, you know, my cock is one of those that is a grower rather than a shower, but then i started to think about it and the way i measured just didn't make sense. i was measuring from the bottom, the root of my cock (well, dickie). It started to make sense to me that you really have to measure insertable.

To figure it out, i went to the authority, YouTube.

i was horrified, 4.75 measily fucking inches. All of a sudden it feels more like a clit that a cock.

Yes, my dick is the classic "you only need a CB 6000S". i wish that my Wife would agree to locking my little dick up, at least the bulge created in my pants would like more like i really to have a real cock.