Friday, April 23, 2010

Do Women Just Like to Cum Fast?

I know that many guys have a hard time making their women cum. It's never been a problem for me, I guess that I am just lucky finding all the sweet spots. I think men are different. It seems to me that women have a hard time cumming, but can come more so they like to cum as fast as they can. The problem is that they then extropolate those feelings to men. Men are different (duh), men can cum very fast, but generally only once in a short period of time.

Therein lies the rub (so to speak). At least for me, the trip to the orgasm is MUCH more pleasurable than the orgasm itself, in fact you can probably say that cumming for a guy is anti-climactic (pun intended). The feeling of getting to an orgasm for a guy (OK me) is euphoric. Not only the feeling of the other person (or yourself) touching you, but the hormones that you secrete into your bloodstream really is addictive. The male orgasm, while it may be an achievement (wow, I came in her mouth or pussy, or I shot all over her face or tits--woo hoo, yes and now its over, go lick it up you dumb-fuck), what is the next thing that men want to do...GO TO SLEEP. Hmmm, nothing euphoric about that.

My point ladies, is that if you want to make your guy feel great, take your time. Edge him, bring him close then let him cool down, or just do it slow and steady. I have a lover that is just great at making me feel good, bringing me to the edge. Some times I have sex every day but don't come for a week. You guessed it, its me. I can make the hormones in my body feel much better than my wife ever has. Yes, I love her lips, breasts, pussy, feet, hands on my cock and balls, but she wants to treat me like a woman, race to the end and then, to make matters worse, OK, let's get up, there's chores to do.

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