Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never Give Up the Fight

I guess if I have learned one thing from children and puppies is that they get what they want, primarily because they don't know to stop asking. I need to be persistant.

Yes my wife is a bitch, I just need the "and I am going to lock your little dickie up in a CB6000s or a Birdlocked PICO and fuck other men while you watch," part of the bitch. OK, so I know that those things won't happen over night, so I am going to be persistant on my what I did on vacation, get her to cuck me with me. Pretend that I am someone else and fuck that someone else while the real me is at home, if you get the drift. If I can get her to do that once a month or so, then call me from the road on business and tell me that she has just been left, worn out by the biggest cock that she has ever seen, ooooo won't that be fun. I won't know for sure if it happened or it's just fantasy. If I can get here there, maybe by NEw YEars Eve she will be spreading her legs for a man with a real cock while I watch and sip champagne, jacking off and waiting to lick his cum from her creampie.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dreams Down the Drain

I can't believe it, I gave my wife EVERY opportunity to cuck me, the surprise is she would have cucked me, with me. We are on a trip to sunny Miami. Last night we were in our hotel in a rooftop bar, sitting alone in a secluded corner under the stars, drinking champagne. I leaned over to her and said, "Does your husband know that you are here in Miami, drinking this fine wine with me?" She said, "I would never do that to you." I took it a step back and said, "Yes, but it would be fun if you called me when you were away on business and told me that you did." "No, never, I would never do that," she said.

Damn, damn, damn. Not only will she not cuck me, but she won't even pretend. Well at least she pretends to have MFM 3-somes with me, but Damn, damn, damn. I REALLY WANT her to fuck another man, away on a business trip, in a hotel room in our city, or in our bed. I want to know she did it. I would like to hear that she did it. I would like to lick her pussy clean of his cum after she did it, but Damn, damn, damn.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Literotica is one of my favorite sites. Reading the stories there has been the cause of my cock being in my hand more than any other, constantly reading and edging. I never want to cum, I am just filling my balls with a bigger load for a bigger creampie to eat (as I typed that my precumflowed out of my cock, I immediately licked my palm amd fingers clean).

Here's a fun cuckold story from yesterday. http://www.literotica.com/stories/showstory.php?id=475748

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Starting to Like Jinxypie

Cuckolding? Some Serious Thought

WOW, Do I REALLY want to be a Cuckold?

I have had a cuckold fantasy for YEARS. I want the works, wife free to fuck anyone she wants, with me or alone, if I am there I am their servant, fully ready to do anything and everything they ask or think about asking-suck him hard, lick them both while they fuck, clean them both after, service him is she is too tired or out of town. You know, the real pervert stuff (makes my little dick hard just to type it). I am so interested in this happening that I actually paid $47 for an ebook yesterday, Cuckold Coach. It's actually a pretty good book, but I think that it has changed my mind. The point of the book is to teach you methods to encourage your woman to think less of you while still depending on you and loving you as a provider, so she will WANT to fuck other men, yet still be emotionally attached to you.

This is where I have the second thoughts. I am glad that I bought the book. I had a little erection reading and thinking about it for the last 24 hours, but it made me look at the idea a second time.

Right now my wife and I have a cuckold role play. We start to make love and she mentions the (fantasy) man in the room who ultimately starts to have sex with us, well mostly her, but she lets me be involved. I find this incredibly exciting. Shen she starts talking about it, I have a hard time not cumming. It excites her enough that at times I get to eat her cream pie, as if it were his.

I would love that to happen, I would encourage that to happen, but from the book, I would treat her differently enough (you get good instructions) and act submissively enough that she just says, "of course" when you confess your desire to be cucked.

Coming to reality, I would love to do a MFm 3-some. I would love even more for her to call me when she is out of town on business to tell me that her lover has just left her hotel room had his sperm is dripping from her pussy and she wishes that I were there to lick her clean (God, even if it didn't happen and she just told me that it did, I would probably cum in my pants). But, I think that the book has shown me that I reallly don't want to be a full time cuck. I love the idea of being locked in a CB-6000s and let out to have sex with her on weekends as we normally make love. I think that it has made it clear that I don't want to be a full time cuck, I'm sorry to say.

Have any thoughts about your desire to be cucked? About my flagging desire? Write a comment, I will tell you more about the book and its theories. See if its for you, or, like me, it brings you to reality.