Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never Give Up the Fight

I guess if I have learned one thing from children and puppies is that they get what they want, primarily because they don't know to stop asking. I need to be persistant.

Yes my wife is a bitch, I just need the "and I am going to lock your little dickie up in a CB6000s or a Birdlocked PICO and fuck other men while you watch," part of the bitch. OK, so I know that those things won't happen over night, so I am going to be persistant on my what I did on vacation, get her to cuck me with me. Pretend that I am someone else and fuck that someone else while the real me is at home, if you get the drift. If I can get her to do that once a month or so, then call me from the road on business and tell me that she has just been left, worn out by the biggest cock that she has ever seen, ooooo won't that be fun. I won't know for sure if it happened or it's just fantasy. If I can get here there, maybe by NEw YEars Eve she will be spreading her legs for a man with a real cock while I watch and sip champagne, jacking off and waiting to lick his cum from her creampie.

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