Friday, June 11, 2010

How Little is my Dick

I used to think that it was 6 inches long. I proudly measured it from where I felt it start underneath. What a dope, of course, you can only count insertable, so you have to measure from the top, RATS, just lost 1 1/4 inches of self-esteem (ok, if I am really honest 1 1/2 without stretching). The good news, what is the real size of the average white American man's cock. Turns out that Kinsey in his famous sex study let men measure them selves and report. They were the ones who said 6 inches, turns out, its closer to 4.9 to 5.1 inches.

Here's a vid to help.

Now the real question, other than in the locker room, does size matter?

She raises an interesting issue, how deep or loose is her pussy? If cocks and pussies match, its a good thing. I was fucking my wife with a dildo I bought because I wanted her to feel a bigger cock, the one I bought was a great, soft skinned 8" cock. It bottomed out in her in about 4 inches, hmmm, just my depth. Yes, I know that pussies stretch and if you stretch her it is a different feeling, but depth, listen to the above video.