Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sucking Cock...Again

OK, so one week ago today I had "lunch" at my friend's house. Today, I did the same thing, gave him a longer BJ and had him punish my balls again. He DID do it harder this time, but he really hasn't gotten the hang of it.

Anyway, my little balls hurt, my jaws hurt (I sucked his cock for 55 minutes before he came and his cock is a lot bigger than my little dicklette)and what a reward I got, a huge load of cum, muskier than he usually is. MMmmmm, VERY good. Yes, I swallowed it all, AFTER I savored it and swished it around my mouth for a while to get the full flavor. I also like to suck a cock until it is fully soft, which I did for him today.

I really need to get him to man handle my balls. Give me suggestions as to how and what he ought to do to them.


  1. I used to have a regular meet up with a guy for 'lunch' sessions. He used to enjoy playing with my balls to see how long it took me to get used to the torment.

    His favourite trick was to have me hold my cock out of the way while he used a table tennis paddle to bat at them. And bouncing them up and down. He would start lightly then gradually increase the pressure until I said our safe word.

    After seeing him for about six months, I found I could take a lot more punishment than before we started.

    We both enjoyed doing this. We always ended up with me sucking him off.

  2. @Glendon: Wow.

    Anyhoo...this is a sexy post. I love reading about your "lunch" sessions.

    Do you think you could handle the punishment that Glendon describes? Would you let your friend try it?

  3. Have him take a long length of cord, put a loop in it and pull it tight above your balls. Then have him stretch your sack down and begin winding the cord upwards around your sack until your balls will not move around. Now begin smacking them with a ruler and since there will be no movement, you balls will absorb the maximum from any impact.