Friday, September 7, 2012

How Disappointing-Wife Says No Right at the End ANY SUGGESTOINS?

OK, so most guys know that they will do just about anything sexually, right up until they cum. I'm no different. I ALWAYS want to eat my creampies, until my orgasm begins and the desire is gone. I REALLY have to push myself to go down on my wife's pussy full of my cum. Twice, in our whole marriage did she ever tell me to eat. When she does that, it's easy for me. Last night, she wanted to fuck. Kind of odd for a Thursday night, she is more a once a weeker, and always on the weekends. So I thought, that she might be game for more. She was. She started playing with me, teasing, then started to suck my cock. Every time she would come up for air, it would be something else she would say, all along the lines of, OMG, you cock tastes so good, I really love to suck you while I have this big cock fucking my pussy (well, THAT's a clue, if she is REALLY hot, she always says "cunt"). So, anyway, he (her fantasy guy) cums in her (fantasy remember) and she stops sucking me and rolls over on her back. I slide my cock in between her pussy lips (she loves that more than fucking, OK, it IS better than fucking as my little dick is only 4 1/4" so it works OK in her pussy, but really well between her pussy lips. After several strokes I stop and slide down so I am where I belong with my mouth sucking her pussy. She says, "Oh Yes, taste his cum, lick me clean." Oh MY God, I am going to get a cream pie, GREAT. After a few minutes of that and 3 orgasms on her part I slide back up and work my cock between her pussy lips again. She really likes the feeling, especially when I shoot my cum on her clit. I tell her that I am getting ready, almost there, gonna cum on her clit. She is boiling, right with me, I shoot a HUGE load on her, rest for just a moment. I find that if I wait a few seconds after I cum and before thinking about eating a creampie, I am ready for it again (Try it, it works. For me 30 to 45 seconds and I am ready to eat). She says, "get me a Kleenex please." I don't say a word, but start to slide down again. She has a hand on each side of her pussy, pulling it up and apart, really ready for me, and holding the cum so it doesn't run down on to the bed. I get me face there, and inhale. The smell of my cum and her pussy is overwhelming. Then it happens,she says, "No, just get a Kleenex." I ignore her and stick my tongue in the puddle of cum, again, she says, "NO, just get a Kleenex, don't do that." Danm, so close, in mind and body, yet so far away. ANY SUGGESTIONS?