Monday, August 23, 2010

Am I a cum eater?

Of course I read a lot of erotica, particularly at . I love the Loving Wives section. Of course the place where most, if not all of the creampie stories reside. I read on several months ago that made chills run up my spine. The Loving Wife, the one who had gave in to her husband and let him eat her creampie, started to call him "cum eater." I was horrified. If I kept pushing my wife, however gently, when I finally got her to really give in and really know that I wanted her creampie, was she going to call me "cum eater?" Was she going to think less of me?

Well, today, I was back at Literotica and was reading one of my favorite authors, Jlltec, the story "Reality Check." She doesn't call him cumeater, BUT, she asks him what he wants and he, like me, knows that it's easy to want to eat your cum right up until you cum, then its impossible. Well to get around that, she asks him what he wants, he says, "I want to cum and want you to make me eat my cum." OMG, he said it out loud, when it can do some good. She buys in completely, they fuck and she feeds him her creampie. WOW perfect, then, she says, "Did you likeit, the taste of your do realize that you will be eating a lot of cum from now on."

Bingo, she didn't call him a cum eater, she MADE him a cum eater. I was afraid of what I most want. I don't care if she calls me a cum eater for crissakes, I WANT HER TO MAKE ME A CUM EATER, call me a cum eater, tell her girlfriends that I am a cum eater, maybe even take a lover and tell him, make me eat HIS cum, OK well, maybe not that, I'll just be happy with eating my own. Every time I am going to cum, I always think that I want, no NEED to lick it up. I even go as far, now and then, to tell her that after we fuck I am going to make her cum with my tongue. I am saying the wrong thing. I need to tell her that I want her to make me lick her. YES, get her to think of me as the man that i going to lick her pussy clean every time, her cum eater, EVERY TIME.


  1. I had no idea that men had such a powerful need to do this until recently. Best of luck in getting her to fully respond to your desires.

  2. I hope you're still keeping up with the blog despite the long delay. You sound like me before I recently was finally cucked. I'd love to share thoughts with you, I was in your exact same situation.

  3. You are a little cum eater...your Wife is lucky. She needs to realize the pleasures of having a man eating her out until she cums...sheer ecstasy.

  4. Eating my cum out of my wife's pussy is incredibly satisfying! She loves it too.

    I love my cum, I always eat it. I also enjoy masturbating onto her toes and licking them clean afterwards.

  5. I have a lot of loving wives stories on literotica. here is the link to them: